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Nice (burger) buns!

I wanted REAL hamburger buns for some hamburgers we grilled on Monday evening, and quickly discovered that most pareve buns rely on some form of soy milk.  Then I found this easy recipe ,  from the King Arthur Flour website, which only calls for a bit of butter.  I substituted some room-temperature “healthy margarine” (Earth Balance?) and a little over an hour later, these buns were ready. The flat shape is intentional here.  I am always irked when homemade buns are too high and round – like a dinner roll.  Not a suitable vessel for a burger that is flat and wide. So I read about this trick where you make twice as many balls as you want buns, then flatten them, and that’s what I did.  Each bun is actually two balls, flattened and laid one on top of the other.  I kind of flattened them a bit too radically; I think next time I would leave them a little puffier.  Still, they rose nicely on the pan and puffed a bit more when baked.     They truly were beautiful – soft and ten

Blog article about my sister!

Sara has been doing some amazing things with (nearly) gluten-free sourdough.  That’s right, SOURDOUGH.  She uses rice flour, I believe, fermented and added to a mixture of various gluten-free flours, to try to rival the flavour and popularity of her gluten-full breads. Check it out over here ! And while you’re at it, here’s some more great press!!! I had an amazing NEW concept this week following a super-fun bread workshop on Thursday:  a 2-generation, 3-baker bread workshop, with me, my mother, and Sara.  Each of us could present one bread from start to finish: something like challah, no-knead and sourdough… or whatever.  Anything, really! I mentioned it to my mother, who is pretty gung ho.  Haven’t told Sara yet… or anybody at our shul, which would be a fabulous (and kosher!) place to do it.  NOT my mother’s kitchen… or mine, I suppose. Anyway, please take a minute to LIKE my sister’s very worthwhile up-and-coming bakery operation over here in Facebook-land . p.s. don’

More delicious kosher morsels!