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The Kosher Cauliflower Nuggets Revolution: Have you been assimilated?

Have you tried cauliflower lately? I know, it’s been around for a bazillion years, but trust me – today’s cauliflower ain’t, as they say, your bubby’s cauliflower, steamed or boiled, mushy, drenched in cheese sauce.  Not that there’s anything wrong with cheese sauce (slurp!). I admit I'm a latecomer to the cauliflower revolution.  But this versatile veg, which is showing up these days in everything from pizza crusts to vegan tacos , has won me over totally and utterly. I mean, honestly, what's not to love? - You can buy it frozen (no checking for bugs!) and just cook normally - It's colourless so it can look like whatever you want - It happily takes on the flavours of whatever you cook it with - It's low-carb (okay, I don't care about this one much, but some people do!) I mean, basically, cauliflower is the tofu of veggies.  Or, like the midrash says about mann (manna), the food the Jewish people ate in the desert, if you were righteous en

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