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With love from Israel: mega-easy pareve “rogelach”

Many social media people have been worried over the last few days:  apparently, if you Google “Israel,” you get all kinds of dire, terrible images. This post is my attempt to fix that. So why is the word “rogelach” in quotes up at the top?  Because if you just google rogelach (or, as I did, rugelach), most of the recipes you’ll find involve cream cheese, and possibly milk and butter.  It seems that us pareve people are in the minority when it comes to rogelach. And because dairy does such incredible, delicious things when it lives inside a dough, these can never be truly “real” rogelach.  But they can be a tasty, rogelach-shaped puffy cookie on your Shabbos table (or any other day of the week’s table), and some weeks, it just doesn’t get better than that. I started with regular leftover challah dough.  If you need a recipe, you can try my Reliable Challah recipe . If you happen to have leftover dough sitting around, you may find these so easy you’ll wonder why people bother

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