Nice (burger) buns!

DSC03138I wanted REAL hamburger buns for some hamburgers we grilled on Monday evening, and quickly discovered that most pareve buns rely on some form of soy milk. 

Then I found this easy recipe,  from the King Arthur Flour website, which only calls for a bit of butter.  I substituted some room-temperature “healthy margarine” (Earth Balance?) and a little over an hour later, these buns were ready.

The flat shape is intentional here.  I am always irked when homemade buns are too high and round – like a dinner roll.  Not a suitable vessel for a burger that is flat and wide.

DSC03134So I read about this trick where you make twice as many balls as you want buns, then flatten them, and that’s what I did.  Each bun is actually two balls, flattened and laid one on top of the other. 

I kind of flattened them a bit too radically; I think next time I would leave them a little puffier.  Still, they rose nicely on the pan and puffed a bit more when baked.


They truly were beautiful – soft and tender and slightly sweet, just the way a burger bun ought to be.  Mmm… the perfect prelude to Victoria Day fireworks!

Happy Memorial Day / Shavuos to those who are celebrating this coming weekend!


  1. Looks so delicious, a great idea for an easy Yom Tov meal (we have 6 of those here in chuts l'aretz), thanks to the buns it won't looka s fast-foodish.

  2. Looks nice - wonder if my kids would like them.


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