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The easiest way to feed your sourdough starter (video) - less than 1 min + totally foolproof

Too many sourdough bakers fuss too much and make it sound like this thing is rocket science. I gave my daughter some of my starter and she got so perplexed searching online for how to care for it. So I thought I’d share how it takes me literally under one minute

Meet your new go-to weeknight one-pan easy-bake chicken and rice

     What’s your go-to chicken recipe? One you can use for any given weekday or even, in a pinch, for Shabbos? One that just takes a few minutes to throw together? One you feel good about sending to other families in the community - or just keeping it and eating it yourself? Do you even have one? I didn’t used to, but I do now! And I'd love to share it with you. Many years ago, I was given Norene Gilletz's cookbook The Pleasures of Your Food Processor as a wedding present. Like a few cookbooks from this beloved Canadian food writer, it was actually

More delicious kosher morsels!