The easiest way to feed your sourdough starter (video) - less than 1 min + totally foolproof

Too many sourdough bakers fuss too much and make it sound like this thing is rocket science. I gave my daughter some of my starter and she got so perplexed searching online for how to care for it.
So I thought I’d share how it takes me literally under one minute a day to feed my starter.
You can certainly go nuts with hydration percentages and special ingredients if you want to. But I have other things to do, so I made this video to show you how I keep my sourdough alive while leaving 23 hours and 59 minutes a day for other things.
A few other tips:
  • If your starter is very active or you're getting ready to use it in bread, you can do this twice a day.
  • I use some quantity of active starter - 2 tsp. flour (I use plain white flour) - 2-3 Tbsp. Water (I use plain tap water) A spoon. A glass or another vessel. Something plastic, like plastic wrap or a baggie, to cover the vessel.
  • If you want a thicker starter which is more like a dough ball, use a little less water. If you want a runnier starter which is more like pancake mix, use a little more water.
  • It's not hard to convert a thick starter to a thin starter or vice versa when you need one. My philosophy is just whatever's easiest and whatever works for you.
  • Once you have a happy starter, and maintain it regularly, it'll be virtually unkillable.
  • About 12-24 hours before you make bread, you can do this with more flour to start building up your starter quantity. That way, when you're not actively baking, you don't need to maintain a whole huge container.

Let me know YOUR easy-care sourdough tips in the comments below!

Tzivia / צִיבְיָה


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