Six Word Saturday: 11 Shevat, 5771

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My new baking stuff has arrived!

Sometimes, it just takes a little thing to re-ignite your interest… so this week, I’m excited about TWO little things, birthday present replacements from Ted,  that arrived on Thursday.  Both from Breadtopia!

Jumbo Flour Sack Towels x 4:


Kevlar oven gloves (women’s size) x 2:


These are the perfect bread-handling gloves, offering the dexterity and heat resistance to not fear things like 500-degree dutch ovens.

So I have to use all this loot – the only problem being my now-fleishik baking stone – so no good for most baking purposes.  :-(

I never asked a shailah, but it got meatloaf-juice spattered on it, so I’m assuming it is now MEATY, as the british say… so I have to replace it before I do any serious baking.

And then be WAY more careful about removing it from the oven before doing any non-pareve baking.  It’s just a pain because sometimes the oven is already hot when I realize it’s still in there.  Blah.


  1. You remind me of why I am so glad to not keep kosher (don't tell lol) Cool gloves tho!

  2. For what it's worth, I will either:
    a) find out if there's a way to kasher it;
    b) keep it around as a "meat" stone;
    c) bring it to Value Village so someone else can be delighted to discover a CHEAP perfectly useable second-hand baking stone

    So either way, I win. I WILL end up with a kosher (pareve) baking stone (it was only $12 to begin with!) and someone else may win, too. :-)

  3. Awesome! Sorry to hear that your baking stone is fleishik. I've got a neutral kitchen, as I have so many food allergies, and it's hard to manage if things get messed up. Hope you get a replacement one soon :-)

  4. Whoops, I should say that I am stopping over from Six Minute Saturday's link page.

  5. Kevlar? Are they also bullet-proof? Not that I think you should test to find out. Just wondering.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  6. OOooh I want a pair of those oven gloves so bad!

    I can relate to needing to keep things sanitized. I was strict vegan for 6 years and was obsessed with keeping things untainted. That said, I'm kinda glad not to be vegan anymore (just strict vegetarian) =)


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