Rosh Hashanah Challahs Order Page

This page is very basic, but hopefully, it will get the job done!

I am offering round challahs for Rosh Hashanah.  No options; they are sweet and soft, with a festive-but-messy streusel topping.  Challah contains eggs, but no dairy or margarine; if you have allergies, please ask me first!  Delivery is a flat rate of $5 between Lawrence and St. Clair, and between Bathurst and Dufferin, and will take place between 3-5 pm on Sunday, September 16th.  Pickup will be at 494 Atlas after 4 pm on Sunday, September 16th.

Embarrassingly, I've just realized that I don't have any pictures of finished, baked, round challahs with streusel, despite having baked (and blogged) them for well over a decade (edited - I found one, though the challah in question is half-eaten!).  They will be the basic "snail" shape seen below in a standard 675g (1.5lb) prebaking weight:

  • Select Challah from the drop-down below and click "Add to Cart" ONCE.  You'll be able to add more challahs on the checkout page.
  • If you do NOT want delivery, choose the $0 delivery option and add it to your cart (this way, I know you've seen the choices!)
  • If you want delivery, choose the $5 delivery option and add it to your cart as well.
  • Click "View Cart" to review your selections, then select a Checkout option to place your order.

Please select:

I will cap orders at a reasonable quantity given available time & space.  I will notify you within 6 hours if I cannot fulfill your order and shut down this order page as soon as we're full. ;-)

Miscellaneous:  Although our house and kitchen are kosher, I will also be baking this batch in a freshly self-cleaned oven in brand-new tinfoil pans.  All bishul is Yisrael, but not checked for yashan.  Challah will be taken with a brachah. 

And yes... we use child labour, and we're proud of it!


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