Thinking outside of the Triangle: 26 zany new hamentashen you’ll “flip” for in 5775!


The theme of Purim is “venahafoch hu” – it was overturned.  Everything is flipped around at this busy, zany, fun time of year… including the tedium of using the same traditional recipes, year in and year out. 

There’s a time for “moon and prune” (the traditional poppy and prune fillings), of course. 

But why not turn to one of these jaw-dropping new creations to discover a brand-new favourite you can proudly share with family and friends?  There’s certainly plenty here to choose from…

1. Gingerbread / chocolate hamentaschen


2. Rainbow hamentaschen

3. Nutella hamentaschen


4. Black sesame hamentaschen

5. Yeasty hamentaschen

6. Candy-cane cheesecake hamentaschen

7. Coffee cake hamentaschen


8. Savory caramelized onion hamentaschen

9. Red-bean paste hamentaschen

10. S'more hamentaschen


11. Cranberry and white chocolate hamentaschen – you’ll find lots more non-traditional variations at this site as well!

12. Gluten free hamentaschen. Two recipes in this category… pick the one you think will work best for you.

13. Spicy sweet potato hamentaschen

14. Halva hamentaschen

15. Rhubarb hamentaschen


16. Speculoos hamentaschen – what is speculoos? In Israel, they’re known as Lotus biscuits and/or Lotus biscuit spread (and they’re very, very yummy…)

17. Mochi hamentaschen


18. Red velvet hamentaschen (with cream cheese filling – omg incredible!)

19. Coconut cream hamentaschen (non-dairy)

20. Caramel apple hamentaschen


21. Kimchi hamentaschen dumplings – okay, not a traditional hamentash dough, but I’m a sucker for Asian flavours…

22. Chocolate hamentaschen with caramel-pecan filling (aka Turtle Hamentaschen)

23. Midnight mint hamentaschen

24. PB & J hamentaschen

25. Fig, white chocolate and poppy hamentaschen – served up piping hot with 4 essential tips for never-fail ‘taschen.


26. Black and white cookie (aka Oreos) hamentaschen with black and white cookie butter filling – Last but not least, this one is my prediction for Trend of the Year in hamentaschen. What do you think?

Will one of these be your NEW favourite this year? Let me know in the comments!

Tzivia / צִיבְיָה


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