What to expect (maybe you know the feeling?)


You know that feeling?  When you’re expecting something really, really good in the mail? 

Like a tasty treasure-trove of Starbucks instant coffee from your sister Canada?  Because there IS no Starbucks in Israel, only Aroma, which isn’t nearly as good?  (okay, only Aroma, and Greg, and Roladin and Maafah Na’aman, and a million other chains, which is fantastic, but they are NOT Starbucks)

sbux (1)

And everywhere you turn…

(and by the way, Starbucks is NOT not here because of antisemitic or anti-Israel or anti-Zionist anything)

Even nestled in the weeds…

sbux (10)

Hiding in the neighbourhood olive trees…

sbux (5)

And twisted into the branches of even weirder trees…

(oh, and if you don’t believe Starbucks themselves, you can also ask Snopes!)

sbux (13)

And all you can see, everywhere you look, is envelopes packed chock-FULL of yummy instant Starbucks?

sbux (3)  

Isn’t that one, over there, nestled in the weeds?

sbux (7)

Perched awkwardly on those trimmed hedge bushes??

sbux (6)

Ooooh, something beautiful even at the heart of these stark, silvery succulents. (Alliteration – just like Starbucks’s!)

sbux (9) 

For me???  Why thank you, unknown flower-bush!

sbux (8)

But although he looks generous, I sense that this guy wants to keep his Sbux all to himself…

sbux (11) 

… and that’s A-okay, because I have plenty of my own now!!!


Yay.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to my sister Abigail…

If you are not Abigail and just found this slightly silly or trivial, sorry.  (But you read through to the bottom!)

Sometimes, small things, especially if they’re tasty and not particularly fattening, can make me happy.  Maybe you know the feeling?

Tzivia / צִיבְיָה


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