Looks disgusting – tastes, mmm…

DSC04064Facebook status update:  “No-knead dough meets all-day crock-pot caramelized onions = easy happy pletzel eatin'!”

Made the dough last night – basic no-knead recipe, with 1/3 spelt, mostly because I was out of white flour, but also to feel just a teeny bit virtuous despite our second “starch” supper in a row (last night was homemade pasta with home-grown tomato sauce; so sue me).

Spent the morning at Humber Arboretum, but I came home to… this:


Crock-pot caramelized onions!  Actually, I hadn’t meant to leave the crock-pot on the whole time we were out, because I started them at 1 a.m., and as far as I was concerned, they were ready by breakfast time.  But I don’t think they suffered much for the overcooking, except for looking even more disgusting than they had before.

Anyway, they look GREAT spread out on a crust… (This dough was so soft I didn’t bother with a rolling pin.  Just grabbed 1-lb for the cookie sheet and approx 2/3 of a lb (or 3/4?) for the small one, rounded them out and let them sit for a while.  By the time I came back (I spent half an hour making honey cakes!), they were very, very soft and eager to spread out just with my oiled fingertips.


A little poppy, a little extra-coarse salt…



Can’t take “after” pics because I’m heading out, but trust me – these are going to be delicious!  And a super-super easy alternative to the “one-pot” cooks-all-day meal.  You know, in case your family is sick of stews and meal-in-a-dish type things.


  1. Onions! In the crock pot! Brilliant! I can't wait to do this. I love doing overnight things in the crockpot. :)


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