Welcome! (and kosher label FAIL)

DSC03742If you’re here from Jamie Geller’s Joy of Kosher blog spotlight (and managed to find my URL hidden there at the very bottom) – welcome!  Take a second to click LIKE up above and join my blog empire!

Does this happen to you???  You start with a perfectly lovely kosher kitchen label… like this one:


And then you use it for years and years and after a while, it starts to look more like THIS one:


As the kids say…or said, a couple of years ago… FAIL.

Now, this is an actual unretouched photo.  I have done nothing to this label except wash it with a cloth in soapy water every time the bench scraper it happens to be attached to gets washed.  Notice that the label a) is cracked and peeling, and b) is illegible (there are a few flecks of green left on the label, but that’s all).

Well, in case you weren’t here to read my post earlier this week, I’ve finally found kosher labels, from Oliver’s Labels, that actually WORK (click the link to enter to win a set of them and MORE!) – and today I am attaching this gorgeous new “Parve” label to the bench scraper so it never accidentally gets mixed up.


Now, this label has just gone on, which isn’t exactly a fair comparison with the old one…  but here are some which have been attached for a year and a half and they’re still beautiful and going strong.

Here’s a couple of labels I attached to my keychain in January of 2011.  They have been handled constantly, unconsciously, roughly, just about every day since then. 


Though you can see there’s been some wear and tear, those labels are NEVER going to come off.  They’re not peeling, cracking and the text is not a bit smudged (I’ve erased it for privacy).

Anyway, I guess this is a weird way to say welcome, but I was so exasperated when I was washing the pareve dishes and noticed the state of the label on that bench scraper, which I love a lot, so I use a lot… but which could, without a proper label, be used or stored in the wrong place at any moment, because there are five other people living here and sharing the kitchen.

So – once again… click here to win a set of these labels for yourself, along with another bonus gift from Oliver’s Labels!!!  And if you’re a regular reader, I promise – I will stop going on about these labels… really, I will.


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