Shabbos Challah

I had a weird amount of challah left over, so I was going to do a 3-braid with a little teeny 3-braid on top, but I turned the teeny 3-braid into the letters shin, bais, sav (tav), in honour of Gavriel Zev’s alef-bais siyum / party today.

It was beautiful when it started rising…


I even used poppy and sesame seeds contrasting – poppy on the letters and sesame on the “body” of the challah.

But it quickly turned ugly once the oven heat struck…


As you can see, the dot from the bais wandered away onto the other side of a giant rift.  You can barely see it here, but the dot from the shin strayed and is now in the top-right corner.  And the save just kind of unwove itself into a “humph” shape.

Oh, well… I haven’t had a challah split this badly in a LONG time.  In fact, the others that I made this week didn’t split at all – just my special fancy “lettering” challah.  Go figger!

This was also a weird batch because I used raisins.  I was making Joan Nathan’s “best challah” recipe, which (on the site I copied it from), calls for some plumped-up raisins.  I have never plumped them before, so I tried it, and they were okay… but nothing amazing.  None of us really love raisins in challah, except Lenchners


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