Six Word Saturday: 1 Cheshvan, 5772

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Hate to brag – but delicious challah!

Only my second time succeeding with Maggie Glezer’s “My Sourdough Challah”… but BOY did it turn out well!  Hate to brag, but this was delicious challah – and beautiful.

doughs 001 doughs 002

I still have no idea why my sourdough challahs were losing their braids last year.  But now, they are totally fine.

I even got to pass along some starter to a friend – along with the lower middle challah (a 1-lb’er; I had to keep the two big ones and the “baby” for our own Shabbos)!


  1. It looks delicious! My sister/mom would make challah; it was soooo good!! This brought back lots of memories!

    Just visiting from 6WS; I hope the rest of your weekend is a good one!


  2. Looks really good! I spent about an hour looking through your blog, probably about 30 pages worth of deliciousness in breads and baking... I love it!
    But I had a question - do you always rise your breads in the fridge overnight and does it make it easier to make the bread the next day?
    oh and have you had any experience with freezing dough, unbaked, then baking it when it is thawed and risen again?
    Thanks for the awesome posts and photos. Makes my mouth water!
    Miss Rachel

  3. @Rachel:
    If it's late on Thursday when I'm mixing the dough, I'll just leave it on the table. Our house is VERY cool for much of the year, like around 16-17 degrees celsius at night. A bit higher than a fridge, but it lets the dough do its job slowly.
    But for no-knead breads, fridge rising is VERY important and makes the sloppy wet dough much more manageable.
    Oh - frozen dough. Yes! When I was working, I would make a bunch of dough on Wednesday night, freeze it solid, and then pull one or two out to thaw all day Friday while I was at work.
    By the time I came home from work, it was thawed, risen, ready to pop in the oven.
    You'll need to experiment with times, of course, but this works so well that Lenchner's and some other companies actually sell frozen challahs that are ready to thaw, rise & bake. I've used them: they're delicious.


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