OMG – TWO special birthday desserts???

schoolin 016Today’s my sister’s big 30th birthday, but we celebrated on Sunday.  In lieu of CAKE (so cliché!), I made two desserts:

Tiramisu (recipe here)


Chocolate molten cakes (recipe here)

The tiramisu was perfect – we’ve made it many times before.  She asked if it was “real” tiramisu; apparently, she’s had the “not real” (surreal?  unreal?) kind before.  This is as real as I can get it; there are now several brands of kosher mascarpone available.  That’s the special cheese you need to make the creamy layers.  Kosher lady fingers have been around forever.

As for the molten cakes, they were a bit TOO molten.  The recipe says to keep them in the fridge and then bake them (at 450) for 6 (?) minutes before serving.  I baked them exactly as long as it says to, plus an extra couple of minutes, plus a couple of minutes to firm up in the individual dishes, and they were still soggy.  Soggy but amazingly DELICOUS, like the best, gooiest brownies in the universe!  I just think I’d bake them 12-14 minutes next time to get them a little more firm around the edges so they could stand up on their own on a plate.

So many Jewish food, baking and cooking blogs are all about the pareve, but sometimes, you really NEED a dairy dessert.

Thankfully, Abigail requested my mother’s special “filo pizza,” so there you go; a dairy birthday meal, with a perfect dairy finale.  As for the filo pizza, I don’t really love it.  She makes it at Shavuos, and it’s okay surrounded by a bunch of other stuff.  As a main course, it’s TOO.  If you know what I mean.

Oh – just to push the whole thing over the top, we ALSO served ice cream on the side.  Because we have ice cream at every birthday.  The one time I tried doing something a little different for one of my sisters, she sulked the whole evening, so even if we didn’t exactly NEED ice cream, there it was on the table, for whoever wanted it.

Surprisingly, we are not a family of blimps.  The way I describe us, you’d think we were some sort of butter gluttons.  Anyway, no, that’s just me.


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