Hamentaschen Baking Day with Sara

Two recipes – my classic Second Helpings, Please (Hamentashen Cookie Dough, p. 199) recipe, and Mommzy’s fascinating and EASY Cake-mix Hamentashen.

Here is Sara’s magical spoon-shaped hamentash, along with several of her less-creative triangle-shaped hamentash:

elemental 001 

The spoon-entash poofed up a bit so it doesn’t look quite as cute fully-grown, but it was still (I think) delicious.

These ones have cherry filling.

elemental 008

My cake-mix cherry hamentashen turned out fatter than Sara’s… she has lavash on the brain and rolled them thinner than we were supposed to, which was fine because hers looked professional and mine looked, as usual, kinda goofy.

elemental 004 

Then, I set her to work making some prune ones.  I’m sure I was doing something really urgent at the time that prevented me from making hamentashen – maybe like taking pictures?

elemental 005 

Anyway, Sara, if you’re reading this, they turned out delicious…

 elemental 009

… not that my family will eat a single prune hamentash.  Oy, vey.

Anyway, I think they’re delicious!


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