OMG, Eclairs!

Normally, I object to desserts that just take pareve stuff and substitute it into recipes to come up with pareve desserts.  But today, I don’t know why, I just needed eclairs.  I have never made them before, but they were super-easy!

Step by step:

Basic pareve Pâte à choux aka “shoe paste” (I used Earth Balance sticks instead of butter), piped with a medium ziploc freezer bag into “hot dog” shapes:

 eclairs 002 

Baked, then poked with a toothpick so they can vent steam while cooling, to prevent sogginess:

 eclairs 004

When cool, skewered at the toothpick end to open up the hole a bit, and then I piped in pareve “bavarian cream” – vanilla pudding mix (made with soy milk), mixed with NutriWhip.  Any ratio that tastes good would work!

 eclairs 005 

Meanwhile, here’s the mess on the table!

eclairs 006

Finally, add a simple pareve coconut-milk ganache (from this recipe at Couldn’t be Pareve) and dip, dip, dip – I was generous with the dip!

Can you see the one I’ve snuck onto a plate in the background?

 eclairs 008

Here it is – breakfast!  It’s a mitzvah to sample Shabbos food before Shabbos, just to make sure it’s yummy, of course.

 eclairs 009

Mmm….. yes, indeed:  it WAS as good as it looks!  I can’t believe it’s not dairy!  (if I hadn’t made it myself, I wouldn’t)

So there it is… my first time making eclairs, but definitely not my last.


  1. This looks good. I have made pareve cream puffs and used oil instead of margarine and it worked fine. For the filling, I made a pastry cream with coconut milk. BTW, I like super dark chocolate and make a ganache with coffee and chocolate.


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