Just slightly CUTE… not really a WANT!


If I had these, I’d never use them, but they are the sort of cooking tool that probably “window-shops” REALLY well:  The M-CUP:  Matryoshka measuring cups

You get three “dolls” that each separate into measuring halves. 

Reviewers on Amazon have mentioned imagethat they are made of fairly flimsy plastic, and also the obvious fact that you can’t really measure anything in a canister without stuffing your fingers deep into the canister – they don’t have any handles.  Also, the measurement is stamped in hard-to-read white on the inside bottom of the measurer. 

SO… all in all, a clever concept implemented badly, so I don’t have to get too wanty about these in any event. 

imageThey also make a fairly uninspiring line of matching measuring spoons that feature a Matryoshka pattern on the bottom.  In case you get excited staring at the bottom of measuring spoons.  (nope!) 


  1. Yes, these cups are the sort of things that I would buy on an impulse and then throw out when I move. ;)


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