Good Sourdough Semolina!

brownies 002I cheated – as I’ve been doing with the challah, I added a teaspoon of commercial yeast.  It is just too darn cold in the house.

This would have been Maggie Glezer’s Sourdough Semolina bread otherwise…

It could have been moister, and the crumb is far tighter than the one shown in the pictures.  Not as intensely  yellowish, either, though it was slightly more yellow in real life before my camera destroyed the colour.

But I baked this in the dutch oven and was quite pleased that at least the darn thing was edible all the way through, for a change.  Considering I mixed the final dough at 1 pm and we sat down to eat this at 6 pm, it was quite fast for sourdough.

Next time – no yeast and a longer rise, like maybe even overnight, probably wouldn’t hurt.  And then, probably, a slightly shorter bake, although maybe NOT. 

All in all, I’m happy to have produced edible kind-of-sourdough bread.


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