Today’s Project: Whole Lotta Bread!

prezzie 004This is the Pumpkin-Oatmeal No-Knead Bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (which I still don’t own!). It’s a fun bread because it doesn’t taste like a “healthy” bread (being mostly white flour), but does contain token quantities of rye, whole-wheat and oat. It is a very easy bread to make, despite the sloppiness of the final dough.

I baked these seven loaves, along with gingerbread and shortbread cookies, to fill up holiday parcel boxes whicih we mailed to members of our extended families. (actually, the 7th was for our supper: shhh…)

I added cranberries and lightly toasted walnuts to make it into more of a “festive” bread.

Anyway, ours was delicious with tomato soup this evening; soft and fresh. Almost too soft, I hope, because, this being Thursday, the others won’t arrive at their new homes until perhaps Monday.

This particular loaf is one that would be delicious slightly stale and toasted, so I was hoping that even if the loaves aren’t completely fresh when they arrive, they will still be a nice treat.

But here, I must whisper a shameful, awful truth that may doom the whole exercise to failure: the loaves were not completely cool when we mailed them. It was 4:30, Ted was hanging around getting antsy, wanting to run to the post office, and I was also getting worried that we would miss out on shipping them today altogether.

So I wrapped them, quite well, in my opinion, and sent them out the door. For wrapping, I wrapped each loaf in a layer of paper bag (paper “sleeves” made from two huge paper bags), then a large-sized ziploc freezer bag.

But now I am worried that the loaves will be terrible as a result of not being fully cool. The outside was cool, but the insides were still a bit warm. I’m scared that they’ll turn moldy in transit. Ick, what a nightmare!


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