Six-Word Saturday: 28 Kislev, 5771 (Chanukah Edition)

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Chocolate beignets… a newfangled Chanukah treat!

I made chocolate-bread-dough donuts last year for Chanukah, but I think I used the Artisan Bread in Five recipe, which I remember as being on the potchke-dik side (long and involved process).

This year, I went with the Balthazar’s Chocolate Bread recipe.  Chocolate bread is ideal for donut-making in so many ways – it’s definitely chocolatey but not too sweet.  My family didn’t like the bread as BREAD because the chocolatey look of it really throws you off and you’re expecting cake. 

The Balthazar’s dough, based on a gentle sourdough or overnight starter, was VERY easy to mix up and to work with.  The trade-off seems to have been that the donuts were not very puffed-up; not very rich.

Here are the steps, without much commentary, because it’s late and I’m tired.

frying 009 frying 010 

I tried filling with jelly and folding over… ugh, what a mess.  I stopped after the first four.

frying 011 

Just cut the rest into nice rectangles.

frying 012 

Followed the advice of this King Arthur author and shallow-fried rather than wasting a huge pot of oil.  Worked well enough, I guess.  This is my new pareve 12” cast-iron pan, which I found at Superstore for $9 and finally toivelled this week. 

What a great way to break it in; It’s thoroughly seasoned now!

frying 014

I wish I had sprinkled the finished beignets with icing sugar.  Instead, I tossed them in icing sugar, which made the sugar look caked and unappealing.

This is a terrible picture:

cookies 003

They went fast, so they must have tasted good.  I know I had a few, and they stayed fresh and appealing well into Shabbos afternoon.  I am making this recipe again for my extended-family’s Chanukah party tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Chanukah from all of us:  the staff, volunteers, members, board and executive of Adventures in BreadLand!


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