Yummy chocolate-chiffon pie!

DSC08429 My mother’s mother used to make chocolate chiffon pie… it was one of her hallmark baked things, along with her Neapolitan Cake.  I don’t  have a recipe, but I do know that she used gelatin in hers; many chocolate mousses call for it because it lends the mousse a longer-term room-temperature stability that whipped cream or egg whites alone cannot reproduce.

I tried to make it once using the only kosher gelatin I could find:  fish-based gelatin, which I believe came in little silver packets, from France.  It was terrible.  The gelatin tainted the pie with a sour tang that I tried to convince myself was “lemony,” but let’s be honest… it was quite simply foul.

Fast-forward to last year, when I noticed that Kolatin kosher gelatin was once again on the market.  It used to be all over the place here, back when I first started keeping kosher, but I don’t remember seeing an unflavoured gelatin at the time. 

(Being new to keeping kosher, I may have just not noticed it; there’s a lot I used to take for granted.)

imageAnyway, I have been looking for the products here, and when I found out on Thursday that they were available at Sobey’s and Kosher City here, I sent Ted on a mission.  He returned with about ten packets of various flavours of Jello (sorry, Kraft, but it’s all Jello to me!) (and sorry, Ted, but strawberry is the only authentic jello flavour!), along with two packages of unflavoured gelatin.

Baking nirvana!  Naturally, my first project was tackling the chocolate-mousse pie.  The recipe I used was Susie Fishbein’s, from the Kolatin website.

I made Ted go out (again!) and buy a special chocolate-cookie crust, because the plain graham ones we had Just Wouldn’t Do.  And I changed the recipe slightly, keeping out a bit of the white whipped “cream” so the top would be a white layer on top of the chocolate layer – just like Grama used to make it.

It was incredible.  Even pareve, made with Nutriwhip, my pareve topping of choice, it was incredible.  The pie was mostly gone in minutes after supper last night, and completely demolished by the time Ted & I went to bed last night.

So what’s next in gelatin-land???  Well, my first thought was to try making the homemade marshmallows that Shoshana of Couldn’t be Pareve is always going on about.  But then I thought maybe I’m not that ambitious.

We shall see… and I will definitely keep you posted about this and any other exciting new developments in… well, not Breadland, and not even Cakeland… but don’t we all love to venture into Pieland from time to time???


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