Easy Quick Tortillas

As you know, I’m a sucker for flatbreads of all kinds.  This was my first venture into tortillas, but they’re basically the same as many other “ethnic” flatbreads I’ve made in past.  Yum, flatbreads!

Here’s the recipe I used to create these easy, quick tortillas for tonight’s ground-chicken burrito supper (shh… don’t tell Elisheva, who requested burritos, but they were basically soft tacos).

DSC08399 DSC08401 DSC08402

Too small to hold in all that fillingy goodness!  Next time, I double the recipe and make them twice as big!!!

p.s.  Soft tacos is something I’ve avoided since keeping kosher (yes, that does mean almost 20 years), but I’m happy I did this at last… they don’t really, REALLY need cheese and sour cream, and the lettuce adds a nice touch).


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