Six Word Saturday: 2 Cheshvan, 5771

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The classic… my own reliable Challah!

Tearing off that first piece last night was like coming home.  I can’t believe what an incredible, happy feeling it was, to dive into the my very own reliable challah.

This recipe is fairly fast:  slightly sweet and completely eggless (except for the egg brushed on top).  It doesn’t age that well, but is amazing on Friday night – and doesn’t do too badly, especially with butter, on Shabbos day. 

For the first time, this week, I left it to rise at room temperature overnight, and I think that had a good effect on the taste.  Working with no-knead doughs and sourdough has made me more confident that unless it’s full of dairy and eggs, dough really won’t spoil too quickly at room temperature.

I have been working on tweaking the recipe to include reliable scaled measurements.  For a printable PDF of the results, which I think are very good indeed, click here.


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