Now what???

I’ve been sprouting these wheat berries for a few days now… they’re ready.  Now what should I do with them??  I have some rye flour I’ve been wanting to play around with… any thoughts?


(the sprouts are in the fridge now, awaiting their fate – they should keep for a bit while I decide!)

Postscript:  I’ve found the solution (I hope!):  Sprouty Spelty Wheat Bread.

Original recipe, speltless, is here, apparently adapted from Peter Reinhardt’s Whole Grain Breads, which I haven’t read.    (from Kath Eats, a blog where I borrowed another recipe a while back, for making Ciabatta and Focaccia from the same batch of dough.

(I also just discovered that the lovely Kath and her husband Matt – who bread-blogs at her food blog – are opening their own Great Harvest Bread franchise this fall!)

I have no whole wheat flour in the house, but some leftover whole-grain spelt, a gift from my sister a long, LONG time ago.  I decided to use it up with this recipe. 

I used King Arthur Flour’s chart, here, to make the substitutions.  They list a 4oz cup for whole wheat, and a 3.5oz cup for spelt.

The preferment calls for 109g WW flour (3.8oz, or .95 of a cup), so I subbed .95 of a “spelt cup” with 94g of spelt (3.3oz, also .95 of a cup).

The soaker calls for 175g WW flour (around 6 oz, or 1.5 cups, as listed in the recipe), so I subbed 149g of spelt (5.25 oz, also 1.5 cups).  However, the mix was far softer and not really kneadable, so I added 30g of spelt to make it approach what I guessed was the right consistency.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll crush up the sprouted wheat berries and turn the whole mess into a lovely wheaty spelty bread for our supper!  (I hope)


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