Sicilian No-Knead Bread… again

Yes, I’m at it again.  And yes, I know we just had this bread – disaster-style – on Sunday.  I have vowed to do it right this time, because it’s simply SUCH GOOD BREAD.

(guess you could say I’m a gluten for punishment)

lootbags 004

Here it is, all mixed up.  Now, apparently, I just have to let it SIT for 12-18 hours.  Easy!


  1. I've tried the cheese version of the no knead breads (using both Irish cheddar and Parmesan reggiano). Halved the recipe both times to make just one loaf. It came out badly once, because I used too much cheese and didn't shape the loaf long enough.

    When I DO follow the directions they come out soooo good! I have to restrain myself from adding too much cheese.

  2. Jen: welcome! I have done a lot of no-knead breads over the last year... click on the no-knead label to see more. I love them!
    For cheese bread, I think it was Peter Reinhart, but it might have been someone else who suggested NOT mixing in the cheese but instead rolling the dough around it to make a spiral bread with a "vein" of cheese. If you mix it in, you need a ton of it. If you spread it and roll it up, you don't need as much and it really "pops" when you slice the bread. Just a hint - maybe save you from adding too much cheese (is there really such a thing? :-)).


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