Pareve Cinnamon Sticky Buns for Yom Tov

I used Auntie Sally’s challah dough to make the buns themselves.

The sticky layer recipe is from here.  No cinnamon, just sticky.

rosh stuff 2010-09-07 002

Cinnamon filling recipe is here! (scroll down to “cinnamon smear”)  We were out of brown sugar by that point, so I subbed sucanat (evaporated sugar cane) in the filling.  You can see that it didn’t spread as well as a result.

rosh stuff 2010-09-07 001

I substituted Earth Balance in both recipes to make it both pareve and slightly nutritionally responsible. 

Now, just roll it up and slice – thin, thin, to fill the pan!

  rosh stuff 2010-09-07 003 

Lay the buns out in the prepared pan.

rosh stuff 2010-09-07 004 

Now just set it in the fridge until tomorrow, bake and enjoy…!

rosh stuff 2010-09-07 005


… baked!

finished 003

… and enjoyed!

finished 007 

Mmm…. breakfast!


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