Project Welcome Home With Pretzels (WHP)

The big kids are coming home tomorrow, so I hauled out my trusty soft-pretzel recipe (it’s also a decent “in-a-pinch” bagel recipe!) this afternoon to whip some up for Elisheva, because it’s been impossible to find the frozen kind in the stores lately. 

Okay, not just for Elisheva; also for me.  I love these!

Here I am, rolling the snake, twisting and flipping it into the classic pretzel shape!  Easy as pretzels!


(if you aren’t seeing this animation, it could be because your browser – or blog-reading software – doesn’t support animaged GIFs… try Firefox or IE for best results)

Waiting under the fruit-fly umbrella… sigh.  I hate those things!  The good news is that they’re almost gone!

pretzels 022 

Dip in the solution.  I don’t measure, just dump baking soda into this pan of warm water.

pretzels 023 

Then bake – they only need about 7 minutes! 

pretzels 025

They come out of the oven looking dry, but when they’re cool enough, you dip them in butter and they turn shiny.

pretzels 026

The recipe yielded ten pretzels for me, but next time I’m going to try harder to divide the dough into 12 portions.  It could go further and I prefer a skinny, as opposed to puffy pretzel (bagels, too; much prefer skinny with a big hole to puffy and cakey).

pretzels 027

The best part about bread blogging is getting to eat the results while revisiting the process.  Mmm…  Easy, fast and fun.  I wouldn’t change a thing about these.

I know from past experience that they are not AS wonderful the second day, but being a proper yeast dough, they’re not terrible… and they usually don’t last that long around here anyway.

In summation, I officially declare Project WHP a success!


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