More from the Famous Challah

So last night, I started making a new challah recipe from Recipezaar.  I mentioned how perfect the texture of the dough was, and it continued to perform well today.

Here’s what it looked like when I finished kneading:

famous 016

Now here it is, going to bed in the fridge last night.  Already risen nicely.

more food 001 

Out of the fridge this morning:

more food 002

And a couple of hours later, after our Shabbat Party circle time…. yikes, it’s escaping!

more food 003

Isn’t yeast amazing?  Isn’t dough amazing?

Rolled the snakes the “proper” Maggie Glezer way – rolling pin to make a flattened obling, then roll them up “sideways” to make snakes.  I like how nice and pointy the ends look this way.

more food 004

And here is my “Maggie Glezer-style” 4-braid (kind of like how she does her 6-braid, only simpler!):

more food 007

And now, to pop it in the oven for half an hour or so…

 more food 012

Golden brown and delicious!  Lookin’ good!  As usual, I’ll have to report back on the actual taste after Shabbos because I’m not cutting into these babies.

That’s Ted’s rhubarb pie in the background, by the way.  He is a pie-maker extraordinare, whereas I mostly have very little interest in pies and the like.  It’s not exactly a true lattice crust, but it’s really quite snobby to say so consider it really does look lovely.


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