Mmm… cimbuns! (aka cinnamon buns)

Sometimes, I’m just so happy at the prospect of cinnamon buns that I say it all as one word.  Don’t you?

Today’s cimbuns were particularly happy because I didn’t have to make them.  Elisheva’s route home from camp involves a stopover in Eglinton subway station, which includes a Cinnabon location.  If you have ever passed a Cinnabon, you’ll know that the air positively REEKS of cinnamon for miles around.

So she came home craving cimbuns and was dismayed to find that I usually start them 1-2 days ahead of time because of the dough.  Obligingly, I found her this recipe online, originally from one of the Moosewood cookbooks, for Quick Cinnamon Biscuits.

No yeast, no waiting, no problem… as the title suggests.

She had a brief moment of frustration when the dough turned out extremely wet and sticky, even more so than I usually associate with biscuit dough.

But after shooing away my offers of help, she floured up the table and actually rolled out, filled and baked the rolls entirely by herself – well, okay, with some sugar-eating assistance by Naomi Rivka.

They were not quite as gooey as promised, but actually, overall, quite good.  At least as good as those supermarket fridge pull-apart ones you buy in the pop-open tube, which is actually what I suggested when she first said she wanted cinnamon buns.

I also promised that next time I’d look up the secret recipe for the Cinnabon frosting, because her frosting just kind of oozed and vanished.  I like a nice, thick, white frosting on a cimbun.

But overall, for a recipe that really is quick and easy – and considering I didn’t have to make them myself, for a change – these were yummy, yummy buns!


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