Jim Lahey’s no-knead potato focaccia, continued

Here are the steps, picking up where I pulled it out of the fridge yesterday morning.  The initial mix – and why I chose this recipe – is in this post from Sunday night.

I’m still fasting, but so far I’m holding up okay and thinking about food isn’t driving me completely crazy. I’m making the blintz leaves in the background.

Out of the fridge – nicely risen overnight & brought to room temperature:

tisha 001 

Plop – drop it on the pan!

tisha 002

Smoosh – olive oil on my hands and spread it to the edge.  No trouble at all here… lots of pizza experience recently, I guess.

 tisha 003 

Now drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and fresh rosemary from the garden and – POINK!!!  Poink!  Poink!  All over.

tisha 004 

Bake ‘till golden brown on top.  Absolutely perfect underneath as well.  Where did all the rosemary go?  It looked like a lot before it was baked… afterwards, it just seemed kind of sparse.

tisha 006

Sparse or not, the focaccia was delicious!

 tisha 008

Reheated this today with sauce and cheese to make “pizza” for the kiddies’ supper!


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