Six-Word Saturday: 8 Tammuz, 5770

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  Hats off to Chavi:  AMAZING challah!

Yes, this challah – which I’m obnoxiously calling Chavi’s Perfect Balance Challah – not only raised eyebrows, it elicited a veritable squeal of delight from a certain fairly-bread-jaded teenage daughter.

breads 003With just the right mix of sweetness and richness and moistness and fluffiness, it is hard to find a cakey challah that meets her approval; she prefers a denser bread.

So that is high praise indeed.

I had it plain for lunch and it was not as terrible as some are.  I suspect I will never meet a challah that I am as fond of for Shabbos lunch as I am Friday night.

Though if anybody has a challah recipe that DOES improve with resting overnight, I’d be thrilled to learn about it.


  1. I am SO happy to hear that they were well received... I was quite nervous to check the blog to see the reaction..


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