Six-Word Saturday: 1 Tammuz, 5770 (Rosh Chodesh)

Tomorrow night’s birthday pizza surprise:  KALE!

Yup… inspired by Sara, for my mother’s birthday celebration tomorrow night, I am kale 006making pizzas and topping ONE of them with fresh kale from the garden.  She has pointed out that this should probably not be my mother’s pizza, as she has an aversion to spinach and kale is likely similar.

My mother’s favourite pizza is what she calls “Hawaiian,” with pineapple and fake “veggie” pepperoni slices.  Guess I’ll go try to find me some of those tomorrow morning, and then rustle up a dough recipe that won’t turn to absolute mush like the last time we had pizza.  :-(


  1. Kale? That is so interesting. Ive also never seen it in Israel.
    (If youre still looking for challah recipes, I havent posted one in a while but check out the challah label-- there are 14 posts filed under challah!)

  2. Oh, it was SO yummy. Fresh kale, fresh basil. Snip, snip, snip, straight onto the pizza.

    Kale is a cool-weather crop; probably hates Israel. Good in the spring/fall here. It is closely related to the cabbage/broccoli family - which are collectively known as crucifers - or "cole" veggies. Hence coleslaw. The name "Kale" is just a variant of the word cole, and it's a bit like a VERY mild cabbage. None of the smell, though!

    More on the fruits/veggies/garden at my other blog; I try to keep it off here. :-)


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