New challah to end the ennui?

This week, at her suggestion, I visited Chavi’s wonderful bread and cake blog (too much butter – we love butter, but our Shabboses are mostly meat!) and chose her “Challot” challah for the sheer audacity of calling it CHALLAH without any special adjectives.

I will call it “Chavi’s Perfect Balance” challah.

I’m always a little leery of trying one person’s idea of challah, but her criteria seem to be the same as mine – not too eggy, though she also likes not too sweet. I think I don’t personally have an upper limit on the amount of sweetness I can take in a challah. :-)

Anyway, I mixed this up pretty much as shown on her blog. No pics because my eyes are closing; SO tired!

The only thing I did differently is, because she refers to an autolyse phase, I did a “proper” autolyse (I know; I’m a snob) by omitting 25% of the flour, the yeast and the salt. I left it for a good long time; maybe half an hour, before stirring in the rest of the ingredients and beginning the knead.

It was INDEED very soft, sticky dough, but came together nicely with a lot of flour helping it out.

I’ll take pics in the morning; I promise. B’li neder.


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