However… our no-no-knead Shabbos!

paste 004Perhaps in retaliation for the Globe & Mail article dissing no-knead breads,  and also because we’re having a weird-upside-down-food Shabbos (dairy at night, meat for lunch), I’m not making challah this week.  Instead, we’ll have the Roasted-Potato Bread from Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread:  A Baker’s Book, which I took out from  the library again tonight.

(p.s. I just accidentally discovered a “proof” of an excerpt of the book online, so if you’d like to see the recipe in PDF form, you can find it on here – scroll down to Page 118)

This ought to make the Globe critic happy:  this recipe includes not only a pre-ferment, but a relatively unusual one in the form of a pâte fermentée, which is a far heavier consistency than any I have dealt with before.  It is a fairly thick, dry dough – a small batch that has to sit and rise for 12-16 hours.

It would have been better if I’d been able to start it at 10 pm, as I’d planned.  However, I didn’t really get it mixed until 11.  So sometime around noonish tomorrow, I will be mixing the final dough.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the pâte before I mix it in.  And the other stages.

Bread:  A Baker’s Book is potchkedik* bread at its finest!

* no definition for potchkedik, but here’s a recipe for Not-Too-Much Potchke Fancy Cake.  Can’t vouch for the recipe; in fact, it looks terrible… and potchkedik besides.


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