Bucket o’ Bread

newchallahs 2010-06-18 011I volunteered to run a kosher bake table at next weekend’s neighbourhood fun fair, not realizing we will be away the whole week in Ottawa.

I was planning on keeping it simple anyway:  one type of bun, one type of muffin, one type of cookie, one type of bar.

Guess I’ll make it all next Saturday night, after Shabbos.  But just to get a jump on things, I made the (no-knead) dough for the buns last night.

This is my basic no-knead mashed-potato roasted-garlic bread that I’ve made a few times before.  Except last night I ran out of flour so I subbed 1/4 stone-ground whole wheat, the last of our lovely Pioneer Village flour.  Should come out just fine regardless.

Today, I portioned it into neat 1-lb blobs and froze the blobs individually, so that next Friday, I can take them out and thaw them in the fridge for baking next Saturday night or VERY early Sunday morning.

No clue what I’m going to do for cookies and bars.  For muffins, I’ll make our super-easy Berry Smash Muffins that we’ve had many times.  Naomi loves doing the streusel topping!


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