Six Word Saturday: 10 Sivan, 5770

Sorry:  been baking up a storm!

This is the standard “I haven’t forgotten about this blog… just too busy with my LIFE to update it as frequently as my other one.”

The good news, however, is that with the nice mild weather, and lack of Jewish holidays, the coming week seems like a good one to jump back into the sourdough fray!!!

Meanwhile, scenes from Shavuos cooking/baking:

Layers for my grandmother’s Neapolitan Cake (see completed photo below):

shavuos 068

Gulab Jamun – fried and soaking in sugar syrup:

 shavuos 070 

Samosas – not really a cake OR bread, but they are pastry-based, and baked, not fried like traditionally:

shavuos 071

Roasted beets and carrots – not a cake, bread, dessert OR pastry-based in any way.  But super-yummy nonetheless.

 shavuos 075 

Neapolitan cake, fully assembled and topped with sliced almonds:

shavuos 076

And here’s the whole spread… Mmm…. everything was SO delicious!

 shavuos 077

Here’s the full menu, in case you’re interested!


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