Truelicious ryelicious breadlicious

Easy, easy, easy.  So easy I am – gasp! – chucking my rye sourdough starter because a) it’s been sitting in the fridge since October, b) it wasn’t that hard to start from scratch in the first place, and c) if we want the best rye bread, we can always use this recipe.

It is NOT all-rye, or even mostly rye.  Truth be told, it’s only one cup or so of rye tossed into plain old Artisan Bread in Five no-knead dough.  Still and all, a masterful flavour.

Let me just say:  I first bit into this when it was hot and fresh, and was wowed by the hotness and freshness of it.  We had to run out on an errand in the middle of supper, and I took along a piece of bread to munch on (it was quicker than bentching). 

By the time I got a chance to bite into it, it had thoroughly cooled off… and was, if anything, even better than fresh.  SO moist, SO flavourful.  SO subtly rye, SO subtly sour; truly great bread.

coleus 001 coleus 003 

See how lovely it looks beside this crockpot Miami-Ribs supper???

 coleus 006

Although I don’t usually give formulas, this one is so ridiculously easy, it would be a shame not to.  Plus, otherwise I’d have to keep the piece of paper with the instructions hanging around forever.  This way, I can just read it online here!

Ryelicious No-Knead Bread

81% = 708g = 3 cups lukewarm water (mine was preboiled and still warm)

.017% = 15g = 1.5 tbsp instant yeast

.026% = 22.5g = 1.5 tbsp kosher salt

12% = 102g dark rye flour

88% = 770g unbleached all-purpose white flour

As with all other AB5 breads, stir – don’t knead.  Let sit at room temp for 2 hours, fridge at least overnight.  Handle minimally with floured hands and surfaces to form boule, bake 40 minutes in preheated presteamed 460 degree oven.

Walah.  Nice, nice bread, and there’s even still some dough left over for tomorrow. 

Now … must start thinking about challah for this Shabbos!


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