Today’s Experiment: more breadsticks

seedy 010This post is an ongoing journal of my Purim breadstick experiments over the next day or two.  :-)

I am trying to put together a nice selection of not-too-junky (and not-too-expensive) food gifts to go in this years shalach manos (mishloach manot) baskets for Purim.

These breadsticks really seem to hit the spot.  Nice and crunchy; with the right seasoning on top, I think they’re just about right.  These have salt, pepper and sesame.  I may be a bit daring and try rosemary instead on the final product. 

What you see here (plus two breadsticks that got munched before I could take the picture) is the output of 1/4 of the recipe I’m using).  About a dozen; more if I make them shorter, which I’ll have to do if they’re going to fit in the baskets I’ve bought.  Maybe even twenty.

Which means a full recipe might make up to 80 breadsticks.

And then we divide:  4-5 breadsticks in each basket, times thirty baskets… about 120-150 breadsticks.

Okay!  I can definitely do this… but it’s sure going to be tiring.

More later!


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