Maggie Glezer’s Purim Onion-Poppy Seed Loaf, Step by Step

Step by step through this amazing, decadent, savoury challah-based Purim treat!

I baked it straight from the book (my mother’s copy, now kind of floury and used-looking) but someone has kindly shared the recipe on The Fresh Loaf if you haven’t bought the book yet.  It is worth buying, however.  At least, if I had money to buy baking books, which I don’t.

Dough.  What a smooth, elastic and well-behaved dough this is.  Straight out of the book, a touch more flour into the food processor to stop it from sticking, and it is absolutely PERFECT.

naomi's birthday 047 

Snakes:  Roll out two 30-inch snakes and then roll them flat (about 30 x 4).

naomi's birthday 049

Fill:  Spoon decadent luscious onion-poppy-butter filling along the length of both flat snakes.

 naomi's birthday 050 naomi's birthday 051 

Seal:  roll up the flat snakes and pinch along the length to close.

naomi's birthday 053 

Twist:  Twist the two snakes together and fumble with the ends until they are a royal mess and then fumble some more to make them go together and not look too awful.  Ugh.  Allow to rise.

naomi's birthday 055

Finish:  Brush with egg, sprinkle with poppy to conceal the poppy mess oozing out all over the place.

 naomi's birthday 056 

Bake:  Bake until you think it’s certainly done, then turn and bake a little longer.  You don’t want this baby to be raw on the inside.

naomi's birthday 057 

Present:  Even as terribly flawed as this loaf is, I think it looks terrific in the middle of our Purim table!

naomi's birthday 058 

Close-up:  Mmm… it was gone before we even got to the main course.  So easy and fun to tear off a twist; so buttery (yes, I used real butter in the filling) and delicious.

naomi's birthday 059

Eat & enjoy:  A happy loaf for a happy family Purim meal.  Perfect!

naomi's birthday 022


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