Pouffy Master-Dough Pizza

newsprouts 009Further to Tuesday night’s AB5 Master Dough, here’s more of the same in the form of two pizzas!

I wouldn’t say these were a rollicking success.  The crust was certainly tasty, but it was definitely more bread than pizza.  I wonder why it pouffed so much…?

This was all oven spring, by the way.  It was very, very thin when I stretched it out in the pan.

Anyway, delicious supper had by all.  Not a single complaint; just a lot of bread.

Now, who could complain about that?newsprouts 007 

Super-easy to make, also.  The dough was very elastic and easy to stretch out (I used 1.5lbs on each pan). 

And there’s still enough of this double batch to make one more loaf!  And it is developing a lovely tangy sour smell… maybe I’ll save it and bake it up for supper on Monday.


  1. Maybe since it sprang up so much I'll use this one for those sweet pizza things you see on the commercials (you know cinnamon sugar or what not)since I dont have the needed ingredients for pizza right now....lol. But I will keep this in mind for next week when I am in the mood for pizza again, thanks! :)


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