Now THESE are chocolate-chip cookies! (tutorial link)

temp_kccbannerYay, me!  I’ve been selected to host an upcoming edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival, a blog carnival focused on… okay, I won’t insult your intelligence.

Stay tuned in Adar for a round-up of exciting Purim-related posts from the blogosphere or blogoverse or bloggetty-blogland or whatever they call it these days.  And, of course, if you have something fun and foodie, please submit it because I haven’t a clue what I’m going to include!



I just posted a step-by-step tutorial for my roll-your-own “Pillsbury-style” freeze, slice and bake chocolate-chip cookies.  It’s more of a technique than a recipe, and I didn’t think it was entirely appropriate for this “baking” blog because it’s not bread OR cake.  But this is absolutely my favourite way to make never-fail ccc’s, so if you like them as much as I do, here’s the link yet again!

The freeze, slice and bake technique ensures perfect-looking cookies (okay, ignore the lopsided batch shown above) that are deliciously thick, crisp, chewy, perfectly baked and above all – fast and homemade!


  1. Once upon a time when I used to bake Pesach cakes, my ever critical kids decided to one-up me and bake a perfect-looking Pesach cake. Yes, it was gorgeous,unlike my own. But they admitted that my lop-sided cake was really much tastier. I'm sure that your cookies are perfectly delicious! I'm sure too that your KCC will be fantastic!!


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