Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

DSC06099I left a batch of basic Artisan Bread in Five no-knead master dough in the bucket in the fridge over the weekend.

Two days ago, I was making a delicious beany supper (not such a success with the small set, but anyway), so I hauled out the dough, expecting it to have perhaps separated (like sourdough does – speaking of which, my poor neglected starters!!! :-o)

Anyway, the dough looked GREAT!  A little bit of wetness at the bottom, but the dough itself was fine.  Except it had this surreal bubbly lunar landscape on top.

Once I sprinkled the dough with flour, it was great to work with.  It had a nice, mellow “developed” flavour (not exactly sour)without being overwhelming.

Anyway, I forgot to remember exactly how old the dough was… not quite a week, and I realize some of their doughs don’t keep for as long as the basic one (I wouldn’t want to keep an enriched dough, especially one with eggs, for very long at all), but it’s nice to know the dough has great staying power to keep it handy for “last-minute” breadmaking.

(forgot to take pictures, but out of this 4lb hunk, I made 1 boule and 1 loaf-pan loaf… only the loaf was in a tinfoil loaf pan which couldn’t contain the floppy wet dough, so it ended up being a very lazy-looking loaf indeed…doh!)


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