Soft & yummy no-knead challah?

The question mark is because we haven’t tasted it yet!  We’re saving these for Shabbos.

challahs 001

I’ve made the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day no-knead challah dough before, but that was during the holidays, so I just rolled them out quickly into spirals.  This was my first attempt using the dough for something as formal as braids.

My only concern is that I thought I felt a few lumps (hard spots) in the dough as I was rolling and forming the braids.  Hopefully, they will not be noticeable in the finished product. 

They sure do look promising, in any event!

Because the dough was so soft, the braids expanded quite a bit and even “ripped” a bit during baking.  Frankly, I don’t mind.

The loaves, though fully baked (I hope!) were still fairly soft when I took them off the pan – I had to use two hands to make sure they didn’t bend & fall apart in the middle.

Hopefully all that softness will translate into excellent, sweet, yummy challah. 

If so, it will be a nice change from last week’s Perfectly Disappointing Challah which looked beautiful but tasted like… nothing much.

I’ll let you know after Shabbos.  If they are at all good, this is the start of a new era… no more food processor, no more kneading… just good, good bread!

Sunday Postscript:  Oh my gosh, was this good challah!!!  Soft, yes, and sweet and delicious.  Not overly sweet and not perceptibly oily.  I liked the results I got with oil instead of butter.  I would definitely use it instead of margarine.  The only complaint, and it was a pretty trivial one, was Yerachmiel Meir:  “this bread is so soft it hurts my teeth to eat it.”  Apparently,  he loved the perfect bakery-style challah last week.  Tough noogies, big boy.  This delightful challah is our standing recipe for the next little while, anyway.


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