Cool Cooking Web Tool

For lazy cooks like me who don't want to be bothered weighing every single ingredient*... this page will convert almost anything from weight to volume and back again.  Naturally, true chefs will turn up their noses at it (measuring flour in cups is sure to be inaccurate - because the volume depends how you scoop, whether you sift, etc - and it drives European cooks crazy when North Americans do it), but, well, in my life, it comes in handy.  Often.

* January 2010 update:  …or who didn’t own a decent scale up until now!!!  I’m sure this site will still come in handy, if only for converting imperial to metric.  If you’re Canadian, by the way, you might not realize that people in the U.S. refuse to call their system “imperial” like the rest of us.  They refer to it as STANDARD measurements.  Hmm… metric seems way more standard, if you ask me.


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