Delicious Vesuvius Roasted-Garlic Potato Bread

tatobread 005Why Vesuvius???  Well, look at this thing!  Clearly hauled out of the rubble of some destroyed ancient walled city.

NOT MY FAULT!  My oven is broken!  I am using an oven that is older than I am… possibly as old as this house!

But check out the inside!  It is indeed delicious, soft, moist, roasted-garlic potato bread: tatobread 006 tatobread 008 tatobread 009






I am becoming a huge fan of the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day concept.  The basic idea is:  once a week, create a basic dough that you keep in the fridge, and tear off pieces as you want to bake.  Let the pieces come to room temperature and bake – wah-la! – five minute “artisan” bread!

I made their Sticky Pecan Caramel Rolls last week for Rosh Hashanah, but had a whole lot of dough left over in the downstairs fridge.  And I was also feeling tantalized by their Roasted Garlic Potato Bread (We love garlic!  And we love roasted garlic even more!!) but I couldn’t just throw away the dough that I had left over and start fresh with a new dough – right???

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, toss a head of garlic into the ninety-year-old oven (I exaggerate; I think it’s only fifty or sixty), whip up a batch of (brain crash!) instant (gasp!) mashed potatoes on the not-broken stove, and whoop the whole thing together in a big huge, wet, sticky mess.

Let it rise once, then quickly and with well-floured hands, toss it into a ball-ish kind of shape, hunt for an appropriately high-sided pan, and, failing that, find a low-sided square tinfoil pan (hence what Ted referred to delicately as the bread’s tragic “muffin-head” shape), and chuck the whole thing in.

Let it rise until even more loose and floppy and toss into an {I dunno how many degrees because the thermostat broke around 1963} extremely hot oven.

Sometimes, baking is an exact science.

Sometimes, baking is a big, huge, wet, sticky and DELICIOUS mess.

Ah, the sweet (slightly charred) smell of Bread Success.


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