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Big-Kid Baking Nachas, Part II: Hobbit Cake

DSC04420I bragged here over the summer about Elisheva’s challah-baking efforts while away from home.   Well, over the last few years, it seems like she’s become the official birthday-cake baker for her circle of friends.  Usually, she does something simple, but last night, inspiration struck and she made this Hobbit-themed cake, presumably from a friend who is kind of into The Hobbit.

She baked the half-round cake (this one was a cake mix, but usually she does them from scratch) in a metal mixing bowl, lined with tinfoil and sprayed very well, then hollowed out a little opening for the door.  I think it looks great!  (said the proud mama)

DSC04418   DSC04421 

Later, she melted chocolate, cooled it on a piece of parchment, and added this cute little “doormat.”


Now if only she’d learn to wash up her mixing bowls when she’s through…

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