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Oh, wow – yummy! Pretzel Dogs!

Inspired by Tiffany at FrugalGourmetMom, I swiped this fantastic recipe for Pretzel Dogs that were a huge hit at tonight’s supper table.  Yes, it’s a bit of a spin on the “bun-baked burgers” that we already love.  But there’s a crunchy pretzel outside that is completely new and interesting.

I used Tiffany’s recipe almost exactly, except I didn’t know how much yeast was in a packet (I used 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp), I upped the sugar JUST A BIT, and I used a few tbsp of oil instead of the margarine she recommends (for that small a quantity, I doubt it makes a difference in flavour or texture).

Here’s the dough, in a bowl that really WAS clean, but there was some type of colourful oily residue in the bottom.

doggies 001 

Rolled out into 12 strips.  Tiffany says 18”, but I couldn’t be bothered measuring.  See the hot dog eagerly awaiting its enrobing?

doggies 002

With the 12 strips, I wrapped up 12 hot dogs – 5 big knackers, 7 regular beef dogs.  Whoops!  Forgot to take a picture!  Went out for my signing class and left Ted to follow up.

And now… here they are, all boiled, then baked up and delicious!  (I was reheating them in this tinfoil pan for my supper)

 doggies 004


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