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Six Word Saturday: 25 Shevat, 5771

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Sourdough challah:  the Jewish holy grail?

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Yes, folks… I did it!  After weeks and weeks of “supplementing” the challah with a teaspoon of yeast, I spent a few days this week buffing up the starter and managed to create three delicious sourdough challahs – fully risen, perfectly cooked and beautifully-textured!

The problem is… you knew there was a catch, right?  They’re not very sweet.  And there’s a limit to how sweet they can become without either tasting weird or the sugar inhibiting the action of the yeast.

So I think next week, I’ll return to my basic tried-and-true Reliable Challah recipe – and then, perhaps, issue myself a new challenge.  Who knows what it will be?

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