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Mmm… is it BREAD? And a call to readers!

Actually, who cares!  Whether or not it’s bread, I’ll be using it to inaugurate my new cast-iron skillet:  BIG PANCAKE (aka Dutch Baby). 

Well… if I decide that the pan is going to be for dairy, that is.  I think so.  Though it strikes me as the perfect thing for bacon, we’re not really eating much of that around here.

Okay, here’s where you, my loyal reader(s), can help me out!  (Google tells me I have followers now!) 

Here’s what I need to know:

What can I make with a 10” cast-iron pan?  Should I use it for dairy?  Or keep it pareve and use it for breads somehow?  (keeping in mind I do have a small pareve cast-iron pot that already intend to use for breads)

By the way, lest anyone think that I’ve gone all splurgy, what with my new whisk and now a new cast-iron pan, rest assured, it’s not exactly BRAND new.  (gasp!)  I bought it at Value Village for under $7.

Years ago, somebody told me you shouldn’t buy used dishes and cookware with the intent to kasher them.  But recently, I started thinking this was silly and/or needlessly burdensome because many things are a) relatively easy to kasher, and b) relatively expensive (not to mention wasteful) to buy brand-new. tells me that Lodge cast-iron skillets are $12-15 brand-new, but I have not been able to find prices like that here – any that I have seen start at maybe $20 (Cayne’s).

I kashered this one in the oven on the self-clean cycle; zero effort.  Now it’s just a hunk of bare metal, which I will toivel, then wash well, then season before its first use… in Dutch Baby land!!!

Seriously – I need your input here.  Should it stay pareve, or are there a million wonderful dairy delectables that I will use this pan for in feeding my family???

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